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Campground of the Month: Moraine Park

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

Why is it a Slumberjack Favorite? Assistant Park Superintendent Sheridan Steel says this is "one of my favorites because of the character of the terrain the campground is in." Meadows are interspersed with big rock outcrops, providing some screening between campsites. In some cases, there is total seclusion, yet it's close to the road. It is a car camping site, but there are walk-in sites, as well.

Moraine Park gives the kids a chance to climb around on the rocks. Sometimes, the song of coyote can be heard from the camp. A coyote's song is one of the most distinctive Western sounds and can be oddly elusive. The down side is it's full all summer and reservations are required -- usually as much as eight weeks in advance.

Directions: Located just a few miles inside the park entrance at Estes Park.
Cost: $12.00/night
More Information: Moraine Park

Slumberjack Essentials for A Mid-Summer Night with the Family at the Moraine Park Campground:

Adult Double Sleeping Bags: Bonnie and Clyde 40

Youth Sleeping Bags: Boys Go-N-Grow 30 & Girls Go-N-Grow 30

Tent: Camp Tent 6

Around Camp: Stowaway Camp TableBig Chair, and Big Cot


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