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This durable 300 pound rated cot leaves extra wiggle room for increased comfort. The reinforced steel bars are guaranteed not to squeak, for a sound night sleep.


  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 40 x 86 x 20 in
  • Product Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Fabric: 600D x 300D Polyester


  • Storage loft attached under cot
  • 'No -Squeak' aluminum frame with steel reinforced end bars
  • Carry bag included for convenient transport and storage
  • Quick and easy to assemble

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    Steve January 19, 2014 Yes No 2 found this review helpful

    I'm 6'2" and weight 275lbs. I have used this Cot maybe 5 or 6 times total. I cook Competition BBQ and needed a place to get some shuteye during our all night cooks for State Championships. I was very happy when I found the Big XL Cot. It appeared to be built for a guy my size. Sleeping on it was extremely pleasant, room to move, no bars in my back like others I have tried. It's long enough that my feet hanging off are not a problem. The problem I have with this product is the fact that when you put it together it requires a very snug fit of the cross poles for the firm bed to hold your weight. Mine was so snug, that it required putting a little weight on it to get it to snap into place. The weak legs (found on ends but not the middle) bent and a couple of the rivets blew out when I put the cross bar in and stretched the side bars apart. If you look at the center legs of the unit (3 sets of legs total) you will find that they are far superior, build with real bolts and a thicker walled leg compared to the legs for the head and feet. While the snug fabric gives you a superior surface to sleep on, it can make it difficult to snap the cross bars into the locking tabs. Buyer Beware!

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    James January 26, 2013 Yes No 5 found this review helpful

    I first posted this review on, but I thought it deserved a repost. Additionally, Amazon's listing is now condensed for *all* Slumberjack Cots, rather than specifically for the Big XL cot. This review is for you, Big XL cot. ------------------------------------------ December 12, 2006: I just bought the Slumberjack cot and assembled it (fairly easy, even without instructions -- see the item picture). It's pretty damn heavy, but also highly compact when folded down. If you're not really tall (I'm 5'8") it can be a very minor difficulty in getting in and out, but that can't really be helped much, though as another reviewer pointed out, it will be harder the shorter you are. You *will* need a mattress/sleeping-bag+comforter for this, as the midsection of the cot was not thoroughly thought out to prevent back strain, but with adequate cushioning, it feels fine after a good night's sleep. (I just woke up from using it) ------------------------------------------ December 10th, *2007*: Well, one year later, the verdict is still the same: An excellent choice if you need to buy a cot and want one that lasts, is sturdy, and big enough to be comfortable. Since last year I've slept in this thing countless times, probably around 20 nights in total on my road-trips. With proper cushioning -- combined with its large area -- it's extremely comfortable. It is true that assembly and disassembly tend to be somewhat awkward with heavy parts, but asides from that it is relatively fast to assemble* and disassemble, the time consuming part being assembling and disassembling whatever bedding you brought with you. Previous reviews mentioned an awkward smell that the cot supposedly has -- I never experienced this, though perhaps when I first purchased it a very tiny odor could've been present, it was masked by my bedding and has since completely disappeared. *As it turned out, I've been assembling it almost correctly -- I never figured out how to properly connect the cross-struts so I simply took a short cut and let them rest below the long bars. This apparently has had no effect on the sleeping quality over the year, however this is perhaps the reason why the mid-section was not very comfortable. Regardless, I would most definitely buy this cot again. ------------------------------------------ August 30th, 2010 Wow, it's been this long. Well, let me just say that the cot still works great. There was an issue with rain and water getting in and soaking in on it (my fault)... but this was solved with some chemical sprays (mostly a heavy dosage of lysol and febreeze) and the odors and whatever was probably growing on it have since vanished. In the meanwhile, in lieu of having an actual bed, this thing has been serving as my sleeping device every night for over the past two months and it still works great and is pretty comfortable (with you know, bedding underneath). ------------------------------------------ November 22nd, 2010 Aside from what's been said before, lets just say that depending on the gross weight of individuals and the weight distribution, you can actually have more than one person sitting on it at one time. I don't have extra seating in my room, so I tried to make a makeshift sofa-thing out of this. Two people can easily sit on this and watch movies for hours, many many times, without causing the thing to break or otherwise fail! I assume this extends to sleeping, though I'm not sure I'd bet on 'more involved activities'. And yes, I've been sleeping on this darn thing for almost five months straight now. I don't have back pains or any other problems... though on the rare occasion I get to try a 'real bed' I do realize what I'm missing. I can say however, as with all my previous updates, this is pretty darn comfortable with the proper setup. You just can't sprawl yourself out and roll around or really stretch. ------------------------------------------ August 2nd, *2011* Alright, this will be the final update. I've slept on that damn thing for a year and a month straight; no obvious back problems, no sleeping disorders, whatever. I've since moved on to a real bed (thank god), and I don't ever plan on using the cot again unless I need it -- probably for any future guests rather than myself, or when road-tripping. I think this product has been properly and completely tested for it's reliability, sturdiness, 'comfort', and longevity. I've had this thing for almost 5 years, so good job, Slumberjack! ------------------------------------------ 5/5 -- for it's reliability, sturdiness, and 'relative comfort' (you need cushions)!