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This durable cot is a great value for guests and camping alike. The reinforced steel is guaranteed not to squeak and the setup is simple and quick.


  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32 x 82 x 19 in
  • Product Weight: 22 lbs
  • Fabric: 600D x 300D Polyester


  • Storage loft attached under cot
  • 'No-Squeak' aluminum frame with steel reinforced end bars
  • Carry bag included for convenient transport and storage
  • Quick and easy to assemble

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    Craig January 4, 2013 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    Pros: It's tough. It's durable. It's roomy. I weigh 185 and can walk across it, stand right at the center for an extended period w/ no worries. Easy set up. Far, far easier than your traditional army issue - and as durable. If cross peices at each end get knocked off, the cot stays up and firm - one can sleep on it this way. Cons: While it doesn't weigh a ton (like Cabela's tent cots), it's heavy. The carry bag is nice, not too tight, and - and essential to port the cot with any ease at all. You're not trecking far with this one. When set up, those cross pieces stick way out as you can see from the picture. This feature restricts one from placing the cot in tight areas - and you have to be conscious of hitting them esp at night - ouch. As mentioned, they get knocked off as well. Slumberjack truly masters of simple design - I really don't understand this one. What's the purpose of these idiosyncratic extrusions?

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    Derek November 13, 2012 Yes No 1 found this review helpful

    There is a very real safely issue that needs to be addressed with the cot; of pinching and or severe injury to the middle folding hinge and rail. I just discovered, to my very painful surprise, the risk associated with this while folding out the cot and not paying attention to where my thumb was located. My thumb got stuck between the rail-end (privet point) and the hinge bracket as I was folding out the cot. My thumb was pinched incredibly hard with little effort, but not cut, thankfully. However, two days have gone by and my thumb is still bruised. All I can imagine is how serious this could have been if I had folded out the rail and it was my child's or wife's finger caught there instead--it could have been critically severed.

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    Ethan September 23, 2012 Yes No 3 found this review helpful

    have not taken out camping yet but used in backyard for an afternoon nap and worked out perfectly. Excellent product