• Big Cot

    Big Cot

    $104.95 4
  • Big Lux Cot

    Big Lux Cot

    $149.95 4.17
  • Big XL Cot

    Big XL Cot

    $119.95 3
  • Emergency Cot

    Emergency Cot

  • Tough Cot

    Tough Cot

    $94.95 4
  • Tough Chair

    Tough Chair

    $44.95 5
  • Big Steel Chair

    Big Steel Chair

    $54.95 5
  • Big Tall Steel Chair

    Big Tall Steel Chair

    $64.95 4.86

Slumberjack Camp Furniture

Durability. That’s the one word you hear over and over when people describe Slumberjack camp furniture. The steel-frame construction of the Big Steel Chair and Big Tall Steel Chair make the most durable camp chairs available. The folding cots, such as the Big Lux Cot and Big XL Cot, are easy to set up and are convenient around the camp site or at as a spare bed for houseguests.